Company formation in Romania

To come in the aid of the foreign Real Estate investors, Romanian Property LTD closely co-operates with roLegal Law Firm. roLegal supplies complete services for setting up companies for foreign investors, presence on Romanian territory not being necessary. These services consist of:

Start a Company in Romania
1. Company name reservation
2. Draw up of the Constitutive documents (by-laws) and of the shareholders and administrators statements (affidavits)
3. Drafting the specimen of signature
4. Registered capital deposit to a chosen bank
5. Documents hand in to the Trade Register in the presence of the deputy judge
6. Undertaking the Certificate of Registry and the VAT number
7. roLegal Law Firm can provide you with an address for the registered office and if require we can offer you a virtual office solution

Romanian Property LTD suggests that when buying a Real Estate asset you should set up a LTD company. The advantages to setting up this kind of company are:

a. Low administrative requirements
b. Greater flexibility compared to other types of companies
c. Low initial capital requirements

Short description of a LTD company in Romania:

1. Minimum share capital: currently 200.00 lei (about EUR 70)
2. The maximum number of shareholders, natural or legal persons, in such a company is 50
3. A LTD company is managed by one or more administrators which may have full/limited power and who may be Romanian/foreign citizens.

If you need more details regarding the process of setting up a company in Romania you are welcomed to visit our partners' websites, or, or you can get in touch with one of the lawyers from roLegal Law Firm by clicking here.